Rude Health - Organic Crackers Multiple Options

Rude Health - Organic Crackers Multiple Options

Brand - Rude Health
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Quick Description

High-fibre, wholegrain & gluten-free, Rude Health Organic Crackers are a tasty treat, ideal for snacking & light lunches! Enjoy with your fave toppings! 

Key Information

  • Light & crisp plant-based crackers
  • 100% gluten-free
  • Made with natural organic ingredients 
  • Great source of fibre 
  • Chickpea & Lentil, Buckwheat & Black Bean, Multigrain, Buckwheat & Chia 

Product Overview

Gluten-free crackers don’t have to be dense and crumbly! Introducing: Rude Health Organic Crackers. Made with puffed gluten-free whole grains and legumes, these gluten-free crackers are light, crisp and flavourful.

Made with simple, natural ingredients, Rude Health Organic Crackers are a great source of fibre, essential nutrients and wholegrain goodness. Enjoy them as a filling snack on the go or serve with your favourite vegan toppings. 

Choose from 4 savoury & satisfying varieties and crown your favourite cracker! 

Rude Health Chickpea & Lentil Organic Crackers (120g)

Made with chickpeas, lentils and corn, these organic crackers are packed with plant-powered goodness. With a satisfying snappable texture and nutty flavour, top these fibre-rich crackers with homemade hummus for a delicious double chickpea whammy! 

Rude Health Buckwheat & Black Bean Organic Crackers (120g) 

Inspired by the wholesome staples of the Mexican diet, buckwheat, corn and black beans give these crackers a delicious toasty, nutty and hearty flavour. Fabulously filling and 100% gluten-free, these organic crackers are ideal for slathering in your favourite vegan dips. You can even enjoy them as healthier nacho substitutes with plenty of vegan cheese! 

Rude Health Multigrain Organic Crackers(160g)

Bursting with the organic goodness of 5 whole grains, these wholesome crackers are made with corn, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa and millet. Crunchy, light and high in fibre, enjoy these guilt-free snacks with smashed avocado and a sprinkling of chilli flakes. And did we mention they’re 100% gluten-free?! 

Rude Health Buckwheat & Chia Organic Crackers (150g)

Rustic, crisp and flavourful, these buckwheat-based crackers are packed with gluten-free goodness. A great source of fibre, essential minerals and antioxidants, these wholesome crackers are delicious with strong, punchy flavours like kimchi, sauerkraut or pickles. 


Rude Health Organic Crackers Chickpea & Lentil
Corn, Chickpeas & Lentils (20%) Green Peas, Sea Salt*
*approved non-organic ingredient. 

Rude Health Organic Crackers Buckwheat & Black Bean 
Corn, Buckwheat (13%), Black Beans (10%), Sea Salt*
*approved non-organic ingredient.

Rude Health  Organic Crackers Multigrain
Corn, Brown Rice, Millet, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Sea Salt* 
*approved non-organic ingredient. 

Rude Health Organic Crackers Buckwheat & Chia 
Buckwheat (96%), Chia Seeds (4%). 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the best gluten-free snacks?

Rude Health Organic Crackers are a fantastic snacking option for folks who lead a gluten-free lifestyle. When you’re ditching the wheat, it’s important to get enough fibre from other sources, and these tasty crackers are packed with high-fibre whole grain goodness. 

Plus, they are hearty and filling, making them an ideal snack to stop you from filling up on sugary or salty treats between meals.