RIFco - Organic Mexican Bean Soup, 400g

RIFco - Organic Mexican Bean Soup, 400g

Brand - RIFCo
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Quick Description

Spicy and full of peppers, pinto beans and rich tomato flavour, RIFco - Organic Mexican Bean Soup is the real deal when it comes to authentic Mexican taste!

Key Information

  • Mexican bean soup
  • Source of protein from pinto beans
  • Spiced with chilli and black pepper
  • 400g BPA-free can
  • No added sugar
  • Organic

Product Overview

RIFco - Organic Mexican Bean Soup with pinto beans gives you a boost for your protein macros even when you don’t want to cook. So easy - just heat it up in the microwave or on the hob and you have a delicious healthy meal. You won’t believe it came from a can!

With added veggies like onions and peppers, this authentically Mexican tasting meal is guaranteed to please. Along with warming spices, this is a meal you’ll go back to again and again.

The best part is that it’s organic, GMO-free and has no added sugar either so you know you’re still looking out for your body’s needs without having to spend a huge amount of time in the kitchen.

Cooking Instructions

Heat to at least 75C for 2 minutes in a pan or in the microwave in a microwaveable bowl. Delicious on its own or part of a bigger meal with rice, tortillas, guacamole, salsa and a generous wedge of lime on the side.


Water, Tomato Puree* (18%), Chopped Tomato*, (13%), Pinto Beans* (9%), Onions* (8%), Red Peppers*, Sunflower Oil*, Sea Salt, Coriander*, Chilli Powder*, Garlic*, Mint*, Black Pepper*.
*Organic ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pinto beans? 

Pinto beans are a type of kidney bean that are small and speckled. In Spanish they are called “frijoles pintos” which means “painted beans” because of their freckles! They are a common filling in Mexican food and are full of protein and fibre, much like other types of beans. They are the type of bean used in RIFco - Organic Mexican Bean Soup and are super satisfying and filling.