Rayners - Classic Malt Extract, 340g

Rayners - Classic Malt Extract, 340g

Brand - Rayners
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Quick Description

Rayners Malt Extract, 340g: A natural sweetener rich in nutrients, perfect for baking and boosting energy.

Key Information

  • Derived From Malted Barley
  • Concentrated Sweetener
  • Sweetener Substitute
  • Source of Vitamins and Minerals
  • Convenient Packaging

Product Overview

Rayners Malt Extract is a natural sweetener derived from malted barley, offering a rich and distinctive flavour profile. Packaged in a convenient 340g jar, this product is a versatile addition to various culinary applications. Malt extract is created through the process of malting barley, where the grains are germinated and then dried. This enzymatic process converts complex starches into sugars, resulting in a sweet and malty essence.
The 340g size makes it suitable for both home and professional kitchens, providing a concentrated source of sweetness with a unique depth. Rayners, a reputable brand known for its quality ingredients, ensures that their malt extract maintains the authentic essence of malted barley. It serves as a wholesome sweetener for baking, beverages, and cooking, adding a nuanced sweetness and nutritional value.
With its natural origins and rich flavour, Rayners Malt Extract is a go-to choice for those seeking a distinctive sweetening agent with the added benefits of essential nutrients from malted barley. Whether used in recipes for baked goods, beverages, or savoury dishes, this malt extract elevates the taste experience while contributing a touch of wholesome sweetness.


BARLEY Malt Extract

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Rayners - Malt Extract Be Used For?

Rayner's Malt Extract, weighing 340g, serves as a versatile and nutritious sweetener, offering a rich malt flavour to various culinary creations. Its uses extend beyond sweetness; it serves as an excellent natural binding agent in baking, enhancing the texture of cookies, cakes, and bread. Additionally, its nutritional profile, featuring vitamins and minerals, makes it a wholesome choice for those seeking an energy boost or a natural sweetener with added health benefits in their dishes.