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Raw Gorilla - Keto Mighty Muesli Choc Chip, 250g

Raw Gorilla - Keto Mighty Muesli Choc Chip, 250g

Brand - Raw Gorilla
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Quick Description

100% raw, natural & activated and gluten & grain-free, Raw Gorilla Keto Mighty Muesli Choc Chip is the breakfast of champions… time to stop monkeying around!

Key Information

  • Keto-friendly choc chip muesli made with nuts, seeds & cacao
  • 100% raw, natural & activated ingredients
  • Free from gluten, grains and soy
  • No added sugar
  • Great source of protein and fibre

Product Overview

Feel full, satisfied and energised each morning with Raw Gorilla Keto Mighty Muesli Choc Chip. This deliciously healthy breakfast cereal is packed with plant-powered goodness and tastes good enough for a gorilla!

That’s right, Raw Gorilla Keto Mighty Muesli Choc Chip contains only raw, natural and activated ingredients that might be enjoyed by our hairier and healthier cousins.

100% free from gluten and grains, this low-carb cereal is paleo-friendly and keto safe.

Unlike many chocolate cereals out there, Raw Gorilla Keto Mighty Muesli Choc Chip contains absolutely no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Instead, it is sweetened naturally with carefully chosen prebiotic and low-carb ingredients.

Packed with gut-friendly fibre and nourishing plant protein, this tasty muesli is also a great source of heart-healthy fats, antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals.

Enjoy a delicious bowl of Mighty Muesli with your favourite plant milk or non-dairy yoghurt - we like coconut. And top it with a chopped banana for the ultimate Raw Gorilla experience!


100% organic ingredients: Sunflower Seeds, Coconut Chips, Flax Seeds, Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds, Inulin Powder, Lucuma Powder, Cacao Paste
All nuts & seeds are activated.

Contains nuts. Produced in an environment where peanuts, sesame seeds and nuts are handled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Raw Gorilla Keto Mighty Muesli Choc Chip made with raw ingredients?

All Raw Gorilla products are made with 100% raw ingredients - no processing, no refining, no cooking - just pure plant power.

Many people believe that eating raw foods is the best way to obtain the most nutrients, and suggest that it may help them to avoid inflammation, bloating and other digestive and immune issues.

Raw Gorilla takes its inspiration from - you’ve guessed it - gorillas! These herbivores eat only raw and natural foods and share 98% of their DNA with us.

Client Reviews

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Raw Gorilla - Keto Mighty Muesli Choc Chip, 250g
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