Rabenhorst - Organic Wellbeing with Iron, 750ml

Rabenhorst - Organic Wellbeing with Iron, 750ml

Brand - Rabenhorst
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Quick Description

Rabenhorst Organic Wellbeing with Iron (750ml): Nutrient-packed vegan juice blend for vitality. A tasty iron boost in every sip!

Key Information

  • Organic
  • The drink is formulated with a focus on overall wellbeing
  • Contains added iron, an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in various bodily functions
  • Rabenhorst is known for using natural and high-quality ingredients in their products
  • No artificial additives such as preservatives, colours, or flavours

Product Overview

Rabenhorst's Organic Wellbeing with Iron is a premium vegan beverage that seamlessly blends health and indulgence. This 750ml bottle is a nutritional powerhouse, combining the goodness of organic fruits, including apple, pear, Aronia, and elderberry, to create a deliciously refreshing drink. What sets it apart is the added iron content, catering to those looking to supplement their iron intake in a plant-based manner.

The carefully selected organic ingredients not only contribute to the rich flavour profile but also ensure a product free from synthetic pesticides or additives. With Rabenhorst's commitment to quality, this beverage not only satisfies taste buds but also aligns with a conscious and mindful lifestyle. Whether you're a dedicated vegan or simply seeking a nourishing drink, Rabenhorst's Organic Wellbeing with Iron is a flavorful choice that supports your well-being.


Grape Juice, Raspberry Pulp, Cherry Juice, Hibiscus Essence (Grape Juice, 1.2 % Hibiscus Flowers), Ferrous Gluconate, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6