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Pukka - Organic Tulsi Clarity Tea, 20 Bags

Pukka - Organic Tulsi Clarity Tea, 20 Bags

Brand - Pukka
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Quick Description

Made with a rainbow blend of sacred tulsi leaves, Pukka Organic Tulsi Clarity Tea is designed to stimulate your senses and make you feel energised & bright. 

Key Information

  • Organic blend of sacred tulsi leaf (also known as holy basil)
  • Packed with vitamins, minerals & beneficial plant compounds 
  • Naturally caffeine-free
  • Sustainably & ethically sourced ingredients
  • Biodegradable & plastic-free tea bags 

Product Overview

Known as the queen of herbs, tulsi (or holy basil) is prized throughout India for its natural healing powers. Pukka Organic Tulsi Clarity Tea brings you all the benefits of this amazing herb, for a cup of tea fit for a queen. 

Pukka Organic Tulsi Clarity Tea is made with a colourful organic blend of green Rama, purple Krishna and lemon Vana tulsi. It has a bright botanical flavour, with hints of clove, lemon and black pepper. 

The premium quality tulsi used to make this naturally caffeine-free infusion is ethically and sustainably sourced from expert organic growers in India. 

Steep Pukka Organic Tulsi Clarity Tea in freshly boiled water for up to 15 minutes to fully experience its natural potency. Feel the fresh, aromatic steam start to cleanse your mind before the first taste, and then slowly enjoy each enlivening sip. 

All Pukka tea bags are 100% compostable and plastic free. They are made with biodegradable plant fibres and stitched together with organic cotton. 


100% Organic tulsi leaf blend (green Rama, purple Krishna, lemon Vana).

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the health benefits of drinking Pukka Organic Tulsi Clarity Tea? 

Pukka Organic Tulsi Clarity Tea is inspired by the use of tulsi in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. This much-revered herb is thought to have natural adaptogenic, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Enjoying this delicious tea may…

  • Help reduce feelings of stress & anxiety.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Help lower your cholesterol.
  • Ease inflammation & joint pain.

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Pukka - Organic Tulsi Clarity Tea, 20 Bags
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