Pukka - Organic Three Fennel Tea, 20 Bags Pack of 4

Pukka - Organic Three Fennel Tea, 20 Bags Pack of 4

Brand - Pukka
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Quick Description

Made with a calming blend of sweet & wild fennel seeds & fennel leaf, Pukka Organic Three Fennel Tea is designed to ease your digestion and soothe your soul.

Key Information

  • Subtly sweet & aromatic fennel tea
  • Great Taste Award Winner
  • Made with organic sweet fennel, wild fennel and fennel leaf
  • May help to soothe your digestion
  • 100% compostable, biodegradable & plastic-free teabags
  • Naturally caffeine-free

Product Overview

With a unique subtly sweet, aromatic and botanical flavour, Pukka Organic Three Fennel Tea is the perfect post-meal refresher. Designed to aid digestion and help you feel calm and comfortable, this organic herbal elixir is bursting with natural goodness.

Made with a sustainably sourced blend of sweet and wild fennel seeds, and feathery fennel leaf, Pukka Three Fennel Tea is certified organic by the Soil Association.

This delicious herbal infusion is thought to have many potential health benefits. As well as supporting your digestion, Three Fennel Tea may boost your immunity, help you sleep, boost lactation when breastfeeding and freshen your breath.

Simply steep each compostable and plastic-free Pukka Organic Three Fennel tea bag for up to 15 minutes to best appreciate the potent herbal power. Breathe in the mellow aroma and then slowly savour each soothing sip.


Organic sweet fennel seed (50%), Organic wild fennel (bitter fennel) seed (45%), Organic fennel leaf (5%).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pukka Organic Three Fennel Tea sustainable?

Pukka Organic Three Fennel Tea is made with only sustainable, organically grown and ethically sourced ingredients. The packaging is also made according to the highest standards of sustainability.

  • Made with plant fibres and stitched together with organic cotton, the tea bags are fully compostable in either your home compost or local council food recycling.
  • The recyclable box is made with FSC certified cardboard and printed with vegetable-based inks.
  • The individual teabag sachets keep each bag fresh (meaning no more waste) and can be recycled with your paper recycling.