Pukka - Organic Liquorice & Cinnamon Tea, 20 Bags Pack of 4

Pukka - Organic Liquorice & Cinnamon Tea, 20 Bags Pack of 4

Brand - Pukka
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Quick Description

Pukka Organic Liquorice & Cinnamon Tea is the perfect companion for a cold night in. This warming and fragrant combination is sure to spice up your evening!

Key Information

  • A deliciously cosy and calming cuppa
  • Made with organic cardamom, liquorice, cinnamon, chicory and cocoa 
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
  • Sustainable packaging with 0% plastic
  • Certified Organic by the Soil Association

Product Overview

Rich, flavourful and luxuriously aromatic, Pukka Organic Liquorice & Cinnamon Tea is just the ticket for those cold nights or frosty mornings. 

Made with a lavish blend of organic cardamom, cinnamon, liquorice and cocoa, this fragrant herbal infusion will fill you with blissful warmth from head to toe. 

The folks at Pukka are dedicated to exploring the wonders of nature’s apothecary, and protecting our precious planet while they’re at it. That’s why Pukka Organic Liquorice & Cinnamon Tea contains only ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, produced by expert organic growers around the world. 

Once you’ve finished infusing your Pukka Organic Liquorice & Cinnamon Tea bag, you can pop it straight in the compost. That’s right, all Pukka tea bags are 100% plastic free, made from biodegradable plant fibres and organic cotton. 

Just remember, because it contains cocoa bean shells, this aromatic elixir does deliver a small dose of caffeine (similar to hot chocolate). If you're especially sensitive to caffeine, avoid drinking it late at night. 


100% organic ingredients: Liquorice root (25%), cocoa bean shell (20%), roasted chicory root, cardamom pod, cinnamon bark (15%), sweet fennel seed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How should I prepare the perfect cup of Pukka Organic Liquorice & Cinnamon Tea?

We recommend saving energy by boiling just the right amount of water in the kettle. Then, pop your plastic-free tea bag in your favourite mug and pour water directly onto the tea. Leave to steep for up to 15 minutes, relax and enjoy.

Take note: the longer it steeps, the more flavour it seeps!