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Provamel By Alpro - Organic Soya Drink Natural Unsweetened, 1L

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Quick Description

Say ahoy to soy! Soy milk has been around and has been enjoyed for ages. Provamel By Alpro makes a soya drink that’s organic, natural, and unsweetened.

Key Information

  • Organic Soya Drink
  • Unsweetened, True Soy Taste
  • Made with Simple Ingredients
  • Alternative for Cow’s Milk
  • Organic and Dairy-Free

Product Overview

Soy milk is probably one of the most recognised milk alternatives out there. This subtly nutty drink has been enjoyed for decades (most prominently in Asia) thanks to its great taste and high nutritional value.

But what if soy milk was also good for the planet? Well, you’re in luck. Provamel By Alpro Organic Soya Milk is made using non-GMO sourced soya beans!

Soy milk has many associated nutritional benefits. As well as being cholesterol-free, it is also said to be high in protein and a good source of antioxidants. That’s why so many people love it.

Is it possible to make something good EVEN better? Yes. Provamel By Alpro’s Soya Drink also comes unsweetened so that you can taste the true flavours of this Natural Soya Drink.


Water, Hulled Soya Beans (7,2%).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Provamel By Alpro’s Organic, Natural Unsweetened Soya Drink in other beverages?

Of course you can! This worry-free, dairy-free alternative can go in your morning coffee or can even be blended into smoothies or shakes.

You can also use this unsweetened soya drink to replace milk in baked goods or desserts. Just remember to adjust the sweetness of your recipes!

Client Reviews

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Provamel By Alpro - Organic Soya Drink Natural Unsweetened, 1L
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