Plenish - Organic Soya M*lk, 1L

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Plenish - Organic Soya M*lk, 1L - Nutrition Information
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Plenish - Organic Soya M*lk, 1L

Brand - Plenish
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Quick Description

Made with the finest French soybeans, Plenish Organic Soya M*lk is creamy, mellow & behaves just like dairy milk - ideal for hot drinks, smoothies & cereal. 

Key Information

  • Organic unsweetened soya milk containing just 2 natural ingredients
  • Made with sustainable soybeans grown in France
  • Creamy, light & mellow - tastes just like dairy milk
  • Great source of plant protein
  • Free from gums, oils, gluten, added sugar, preservatives & stabilisers

Product Overview

Containing only the finest organic soybeans and filtered water, Plenish Organic Soya M*lk is a healthy, light and sustainable alternative to dairy milk.

With a creamy, refreshing and mellow flavour that’s very similar to dairy milk, this nicely neutral plant milk is a great way to transition away from standard semi-skimmed. 

Better for the planet and better for you, it contains 89% less sugar, 70% less sat fat and 30% fewer calories than semi-skimmed milk. 

Unlike other soy milks, Plenish Organic Soya M*lk is 100% free from added sugar, oils, gums and stabilisers. No more nasty additives, sweeteners and preservatives - just pure soy-tastic goodness. 

Packed with plant protein, Plenish Organic Soya M*lk is great for post-workout smoothies, porridge, cereal, hot drinks and baking. 


Organic Soybeans, Filtered Water. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Plenish Organic Soya M*lk better for the planet than dairy milk? 

Plenish Organic Soya M*lk is made with sustainably grown French soybeans. These protein-rich legumes require much less land, far fewer resources and emit much less CO2 than dairy cows. 

Plus, European soybeans do not contribute to deforestation or harm precious rainforest ecosystems. 

All Plenish plant milks are packaged in 100% recyclable tetra paks.