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Plenish - Organic Cashew M*lk, 1L

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Plenish - Organic Cashew M*lk, 1L

Brand - Plenish
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Quick Description

Made with 3 simple ingredients, Plenish Organic Cashew M*lk is fresh, full-bodied & creamy - an ideal dairy replacement in pancakes, porridge & your WFH latte.

Key Information

  • Organic cashew milk made with 3 simple ingredients
  • Fresh, full-bodied & creamy, with a mellow, neutral flavour
  • Perfect for pancakes, porridge and coffee
  • 93% less sugar, 63% less sat fat & 30% fewer calories than dairy milk
  • No added sugar, gums or oils

Product Overview

Unlike other plant milks that announce their nutty origin with every sip of coffee, Plenish Organic Cashew M*lk has a mild, creamy and subtle flavour.

Great for frothing and foaming, this mellow M*lk is ideal in hot drinks, porridge, pancakes and cereal. No more splitting and curdling - just dreamy creamy goodness!

Plenish Organic Cashew M*lk is made with 3 simple ingredients - just organic cashews, water and sea salt. Unlike other cashew milks, it is 100% free from added sugar, gums, oils, fillers and preservatives.

In fact, this delicious dairy alternative contains 93% less sugar, 63% less sat fat, and 30% fewer calories than semi-skimmed milk. It is also packed with plant protein, minerals and antioxidants.

Better for you and better for the planet, Plenish Organic Cashew M*lk comes in 100% recyclable Tetra Pak packaging.


Organic Cashews, Water, Sea Salt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Plenish Organic Cashew M*lk better for the environment than dairy milk?

Plenish Organic Cashew M*lk is made with organic cashews. These cashews are grown using techniques that enrich the soil, conserve resources and promote biodiversity. They are 100% free from toxic pesticides and chemicals.

Each litre of Organic Cashew M*lk drink produces up to 68% fewer carbon emissions than the average litre of dairy milk sold in the UK.

Client Reviews

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Plenish - Organic Cashew M*lk, 1L
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