Pip & Nut - Coconut Almond Butter, 170g

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Pip & Nut - Coconut Almond Butter, 170g

Brand - Pip & Nut
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Quick Description

Savour the nutty and tropical goodness of Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter! It boasts a sweet and rich taste of coconut and almond perfect on toast and crackers.

Key Information

  • Delicious on toast, pancakes, and yoghurt
  • Excellent source of fibre
  • High in mono-saturated fats
  • Gluten-free
  • Palm oil-free

Product Overview

Nothing beats a nut spread that offers the best of both worlds. Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter delivers the tropical sweetness of coconuts and the woody nuttiness of almonds. And it’s so good you’ll definitely ask for more.

Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter is made from a blend of premium Californian almonds and coconuts. It oozes a balanced flavour profile that’s not only sweet and rich but also super smooth and delectable.

It’s perfect on toast, pancakes, and PB&J sandwiches with a tropical twist. You can also amp up your desserts with a drizzle of Pip & Nut! From yoghurt to vegan ice cream, you’ll never go wrong with this sublime nut spread.

What’s more, it’s gluten-free, palm oil-free, an excellent source of fibre, and high in mono-saturated fats. 


Californian Almonds (70.2%), Coconut (24.5%), Agave Syrup, Sea Salt.
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Almonds, Coconut)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter fresh?

Store Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter in a cool, dry place. There’s no need to refrigerate it! And since it contains all-natural ingredients that are free from preservatives, it’s best to consume this nut spread within 3 months after opening. Keep in mind to check the Best Before label on the packaging.