Pip & Nut - Almond Butter, 1kg

Pip & Nut - Almond Butter, 1kg
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Pip & Nut - Almond Butter, 1kg

Brand - Pip & Nut
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Quick Description

You’re sure to go nuts for Pip & Nut’s Almond Butter! It is the ideal spread for those who love something savoury, smooth, nutty and delicious.

Key Information

  • 1 kg tub of delicious, smooth almond butter
  • Plant-based, dairy and gluten-free
  • No palm oil
  • High in fibre and mono-unsaturated fats
  • Store in a cool, dry place

Product Overview

If you are a fan of nut butters, then this little gem is sure to find a good home in your pantry! Pip & Nut’s Almond Butter is a wonderfully smooth and silky spread made from Californian almonds and a pinch of sea salt.

A wonderful source of plant-based protein, Pip & Nut’s Almond Butter is free from gluten and dairy. It is also completely free from palm oil but super high in fibre and mono-unsaturated fats!

Use this Almond Butter as a mouth-watering addition to all sorts of dishes. Whether you go down the classic root and add it to a smoothie or porridge, or use it to give some savoury meals a punch of nuttiness, you are never going to regret using Pip & Nut’s Almond Butter.


Almonds (99.6%), Sea Salt

Frequently Asked Questions

Is almond butter nutritious?

Absolutely! Natural almond butters, like Pip & Nut’s, are chock full of stuff that is good for you. A perfect snack between meals, Almond Butter is full of plant-based protein and fibre. That’s not all, as Almond Butter is also a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, magnesium and calcium.