Ombar - Organic Raw Centres Pistachio Chocolate Bar, 35g Pack of 10 Multiple Options

Ombar - Organic Raw Centres Pistachio Chocolate Bar, 35g Pack of 10 Multiple Options

Brand - Ombar
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Quick Description

A blend of rich, dark chocolate and salty, nutty pistachio combine to create Ombar’s Organic Centres Pistachio Chocolate Bar.

Key Information

  • Organic ingredients
  • 60% dark chocolate 
  • Excellent source of manganese
  • Refined sugar-free
  • Fairtrade certified

Product Overview 

Ombar’s Organic Centres Pistachio Chocolate bar is an exciting blend of luxurious dark chocolate and light, salty pistachios. Made from unroasted organic Ecuadorian cacao, this 60% dark chocolate bar retains all the nutrient-dense goodness that cacao has to offer, as well as its deliciously rich and flavoursome taste. 

The delicate nutty, pistachio centre creates a satisfying crunch with every bite. The natural saltiness from pistachios balances out the sweet dark chocolate and creamed coconut for a smooth and delectable chocolate bar with layered flavours. 

This Organic Centres Pistachio Chocolate Bar is not only a delicious plant-based dessert but is also packed with nutrients. It is a fantastic source of manganese which has been linked to promoting a healthy immune system. Feel good about indulging in this bar!


Pistachio Paste*(24%), Coconut Sugar*, Unroasted Cacao*, Cocoa Butter*, Creamed Coconut*, Vanilla Extract*, Desert Salt.
*Certified Organic. Fair Trade Certified According To The Fair For Life Standard (50%). 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ombar want to inspire change?

Ombar wants to change the world’s idea of chocolate as being sugary junk food. Instead, it wants people to enjoy this delicious superfood as part of a balanced diet. With this Organic Centres Pistachio Chocolate Bar, you can experience beneficial nutrients and the authentic taste of cacao with every bite.