Om Mushrooms - Organic Mushroom Reishi Powder, 60g

Om Mushrooms - Organic Mushroom Reishi Powder, 60g
Om Mushrooms - Organic Mushroom Reishi Powder, 60g - back
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Om Mushrooms - Organic Mushroom Reishi Powder, 60g

Brand - Om Mushrooms
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Quick Description

Om Mushroom delivers Organic Mushroom Reishi Powder - this pure dietary supplement brings important nutrients and bioactive ingredients into your diet. 

Key Information

  • Dietary supplement made with reishi mushroom and oats
  • Natural adaptogen
  • Formulated to support a healthy immune system
  • Free from gluten, soy and palm oil

Product Overview

Packed with nutrients and bioactive ingredients that are designed to support the immune system, Om Mushrooms delivers a high-quality Organic Mushroom Reishi Powder - perfect to enjoy in smoothies, hot drinks and other recipes. 

Made with organic reishi mushroom and gluten-free oats, this clean and pure superfood powder can bring many nutrients and benefits into your diet. Reishi mushroom is considered to be a great adaptogen. 

This Organic Mushroom Reishi Powder from Om Mushrooms is free from gluten, soy, GMOs and palm oil. It is also suitable for a paleo, keto and kosher diet. 


Reishi*, Myceliated Oats*

*Organic Ingredients 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this Organic Mushroom Reishi Powder contain oats?

Om Mushrooms’ Organic Mushroom Reishi Powder contains myceliated oats because the mushroom itself is grown in the mycelial biomass. Thanks to the mushrooms’ life cycle, this biomass is full of immune-supporting compounds, which is why it is also included in the reishi powder.