Oatly - Whippable Creamy Oat, 250ml Pack of 10

Oatly - Whippable Creamy Oat, 250ml
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Oatly - Whippable Creamy Oat, 250ml Pack of 10

Brand - Oatly
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Quick Description

The perfect double cream substitute for dairy dodgers, Oatly Whippable Creamy Oat is thick, creamy and 100% cow-free - pour it, whip it, eat it with a spoon! 

Key Information

  • Dairy-free double cream alternative 
  • Made with sustainable Swedish oats
  • Whips up to become soft and fluffy, just like dairy whipped cream
  • Perfect for cooking, baking, pouring & desserts 
  • Contains coconut & rapeseed oils

Product Overview

The wait for dairy-free double cream is over. Oatly has answered the call of hundreds of vegan voices, and boy, have they smashed it! 

Introducing: Oatly Whippable Creamy Oat, the double cream substitute that will have you jumping for joy.

Made from sustainable Swedish oats, this high performance whipping cream is a much more environmentally responsible alternative to dairy cream. In fact, its climate footprint is up to 88% lower! 

Creamy, dreamy and oh-so-versatile, Oatly Whippable Creamy Oat is ideal for all kinds of culinary uses. A perfect substitute for double cream in any recipe, it works magic in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Whip it and dollop it on your cocoa, dessert or fruit and you’ve got yourself some delicious decadence that the vegans of yore could only dream of! 

Better for you and better for the planet. Oatly Whippable Creamy Oat comes in 100% recyclable packaging. 


Water, fully hydrogenated vegetable oils (coconut, rapeseed), oat base (oats, water), maltodextrin, emulsifiers (E472e, polysorbate 60), salt, acidity regulator (sodium citrate), stabilisers (E464, gellan gum), colour (beta carotene).
The product contains 5% oats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oatly Whippable Creamy Oat gluten-free?

Oatly Whippable Creamy Oat is not made from any gluten-containing ingredients. Unfortunately, however, it cannot be classed as gluten-free.

This is because Oatly uses non-gluten-free oats. While oats themselves are naturally gluten-free, they are processed in facilities alongside wheat. This means they may be cross-contaminated with gluten.

That’s why you’ll see oats marked as a potential allergen on your Oatly Creamy Oat container.