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Nutty Bruce - Organic Activated Unsweetened Almond M*lk, 1L

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Quick Description

Introducing Nutty Bruce’s Activated Unsweetened Almond M*lk - a creamy plant-based milk alternative made free from preservatives and thickeners.

Key Information

  • Organic Unsweetened Almond M*lk
  • Delicious, creamy, and dairy-free
  • UK’s first activated Almond Milk
  • Made with 4 simple ingredients
  • Free from preservatives and thickeners

Product Overview

Nutty Bruce Activated Unsweetened Almond M*lk is a plant-based drink made with four simple ingredients. No nonsense involved. Shouldn’t all milk be this way?

Nutty Bruce skips on the gums, thickeners, artificial colours, added oils and preservatives. There’s also no added sugar. This is an Almond M*lk where you can actually taste the almonds.

Nutty Bruce blends just four ingredients to make its Almond M*lk. Water, organic brown rice, sea salt and of course organic activated almonds.

What are organic activated almonds? Activating almonds involves soaking them in filtered water for about 12 hours. This makes them extremely creamy and delicious. This fantastic Almond M*lk is about to be your new favourite dairy-free alternative.


Filtered Water, Organic Activated Almonds* (5%) (Almonds, Water), Organic Brown Rice, Sea Salt.
Contains Almonds. Produced in a facility that processes nuts and gluten

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Nutty Bruce Activated Unsweetened Almond M*lk for?

First and foremost, Nutty Bruce’s Almond M*lk is suitable for drinking straight from the carton!

However, this Organic Activated Unsweetened Almond M*lk is also great in other beverages. Add a splash of this Almond M*lk to coffee and tea or use it in your morning smoothie. You can also enjoy it with your cereal or porridge.

Client Reviews

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Nutty Bruce - Organic Activated Unsweetened Almond M*lk, 1L
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