No.1 Botanicals - Sparkling Water, 750ml Multiple Flavours

No.1 Botanicals - Sparkling Water, 750ml Multiple Flavours

Brand - No.1 Botanicals
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Quick Description

No.1 Botanicals Sparkling Water is a fantastic alternative to sugary sodas; bursting with cold-infused botanicals, you can hydrate yourself happy.

Key Information

  • In collaboration with The Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Produced in the UK
  • Made with natural spring water
  • No added sugar or salt
  • Free from colours, preservatives and sweeteners 

Product Overview

We are about to burst your botanical bubble with No.1 Botanicals Sparkling Water. Carefully crafted by using a unique extraction process, these drinks contain the highest quality herbs and are cold infused to ensure the presence of active compounds.

Containing no added sugar, preservatives or sweeteners, this Sparkling Water from No.1 Botanicals is a fantastic alternative to sugary drinks. Certified natural spring water with no contaminants and a high level of minerals is combined with Rosemary and Basil extract to produce two dreamy drinks, in a recyclable bottle. 

No.1 Botanicals approached Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London and decided to collaborate. The Royal Botanic Gardens test and authenticate No.1 Botanicals’ botanical extractions, so you know you’re getting the real thing.

No.1 Botanicals Sparkling Water - Rosemary

No.1 Botanicals Rosemary Water contain natural spring water and fresh rosemary extract. The carefully chosen and ethically sourced rosemary creates a wonderfully hydrating, fresh drink with notes of lemon, pine and herbs.

No.1 Botanicals Sparkling Water - Basil 

No.1 Botanicals Basil Water uses gorgeous basil extracts with certified natural spring sparkling water. This refreshing water has floral and peppery undertones. Serve chilled to quench your thirst.


No.1 Botanicals Sparkling Water - Rosemary

Natural Spring Water, Pure Rosemary Extract

No.1 Botanicals Sparkling Water - Basil 

Natural Spring Water, Pure Basil Extract

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make No.1 Botanicals Sparkling Water by dipping herbs in water at home?

No, unfortunately submerging herbs in water will not capture all of the flavour and the important active compounds in the plant. No.1 Botanicals uses pure botanical extract and several extraction processes to create its Sparkling Water, to make sure nothing is lost from the herb garden to your glass.