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Naturya - Organic Acai Powder, 125g

Naturya - Organic Acai Powder, 125g

Brand - Naturya
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Quick Description

High in minerals and vitamins, Naturya delivers high-quality Organic Acai Powder that is delicious with smoothies, porridge and as a baking ingredient. 

Key Information

  • Versatile and organic acai powder
  • Hand-picked from Amazonian acai trees
  • Good source of vitamins, manganese and fibre
  • Free from gluten, soy and palm oil 

Product Overview

Naturya’s high-quality Organic Acai Powder contains vitamins, manganese and fibre. 

This versatile, nutrient-dense powder is the perfect addition to drinks and foods. Enjoy it with smoothies and milkshakes, or add it to muffin or pancake batters. Use it to make the classic acai bowl or other types of snacks like chia puddings. 

Containing nothing but 100% acai berry, this Organic Acai Powder is free from additives, preservatives, gluten, soy and palm oil. It is also suitable for a kosher diet.


100% Organic Acai Berry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Naturya’s Organic Acai Powder come from?

This Organic Acai Powder comes from Pará, Brazil. The wild Acai berry harvest is hand-picked by the Amazonian riverside communities. These fresh acai berries are then carefully washed, and the pulp is extracted, pasteurised and frozen. Naturya’s Organic Acai Powder is gently freeze-dried to retain as many nutrients as possible.

Client Reviews

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Naturya - Organic Acai Powder, 125g
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