Natures Aid - Rosewater (Triple Strength), 150ml

Natures Aid - Rosewater (Triple Strength), 150ml

Brand - Natures Aid
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Quick Description

Natures Aid Rosewater (Triple Strength), 150ml: Pure floral bliss! Hydrate and refresh your skin naturally with this vegan-friendly botanical delight

Key Information

  • Formulated as triple strength
  • Can be used as a facial toner, makeup setting spray, or added to bathwater for a soothing experience

Product Overview

Natures Aid's Triple Strength Rosewater, presented in a 150ml bottle, is a versatile and refreshing product with various applications. Extracted from rose petals, this triple-strength formulation ensures a potent and concentrated essence. Known for its soothing properties, rosewater is a natural toner that helps balance and hydrate the skin, making it a popular choice in skincare routines. Its gentle floral aroma adds a delightful touch to the overall experience.

Natures Aid takes pride in creating vegan-friendly products, aligning with your preference for cruelty-free options. The 150ml packaging provides a convenient size for daily use and easy portability. Whether used as a facial mist, a makeup setting spray, or incorporated into DIY beauty recipes, Natures Aid Rosewater delivers a fragrant and beneficial touch to your skincare regimen.

Remember to patch-test any new skincare product to ensure compatibility with your skin type.


Aqua, Alcohol, Rose Oil.