Natural Cool - Organic Sour Cherries, 300g

Natural Cool - Organic Sour Cherries, 300g

Brand - Natural Cool
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Quick Description

Make your desserts to die for with Natural Cool’s Organic Sour Cherries. Taste high-quality, organic, sour deliciousness with these fruity tidbits today.

Key Information

  • Organic sour cherries
  • Ideal for cakes and biscuits
  • Freshly hand-picked and pitted
  • Deep-frozen to preserve nutrients
  • Keep refrigerated

Product Overview

Looking for that special ingredient to make your favourite desserts that much better? Introducing Natural Cool’s Organic Sour Cherries, the fruity bits ideal for your cakes, biscuits, and more!

After being harvested and pitted, these fully ripe sour cherries are immediately deep-frozen. This is how Natural Cool preserves all the important nutrients and flavours of the fruit. Because of this, these organic cherries will fit any dessert or pastry you can think of.

Natural Cool’s Organic Sour Cherries can be used in many different ways, whether you want to make them the main ingredient of a dish or eat them on their own. You can blend it to make vegan sour cherry yoghurt, or bake it into vegan cherry muffins.


Organic Sour Cherries

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Natural Cool’s Organic Sour Cherries and supermarket sour cherries?

It is no secret that most sour cherries and other fruits you find in groceries undergo different processes that may take away their natural flavour and nutrients. With Natural Cool’s Organic Sour Cherries, they are immediately deep-frozen after harvesting to preserve their important nutrients and taste.