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Mouse's Favourite - Aged Classic Vegan Cheese, 125g

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Quick Description

Get ready to discover your new go-to cheese. The Mouse’s Favourite Aged Classic Vegan Cheese is artisanal, organic, and knocks cheddar out of the park.

Key Information

  • Plant-based artisan classic cheese
  • Made with fermented cashews
  • Coated in deep purple wax
  • Keep refrigerated
  • Organic

Product Overview

We all know vegan cheese can leave a lot to be desired. And, when some brands struggle to master a simple cheddar slice, it’s hard to imagine luxury vegan cheese that comes anything close to the cheeseboards we used to scoff… Until now!

The Mouse’s Favourite Aged Classic Vegan Cheese serves the artisanal cheese experience from packet to mouth, with none of the dairy!

It’s safe to say that Mouse’s Favourite knows its way around a cashew and the proof is in the taste… Rich and umami flavour not dissimilar to cheddar. Sealed in a deep purple wax to lock in the flavour, this cheese oozes luxury.

With 100% organic ingredients, it’s safe to say we are getting the best of the best with this one. Less we forget to mention it comes neatly wrapped compostable packaging.

Keep refrigerated.


Cashews*, water, smoked salt, mushroom stock (shiitake, water)*, cultures
*Denotes organic ingredients 
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Cashews)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Mouse’s Favourite Aged Classic Vegan Cheese have a wax coating?

The purpose of coating a cheese in wax is twofold. Firstly, it is a useful way of keeping a cheese protected, so the outer layer does not get dirty or dry out (basically so you can enjoy more of the cheese for longer). Its other purpose is to make sure all of the delicious flavours are locked into the cheese and can intensify over time - so, yes, your cheese actually might get more delicious over time!

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Mouse's Favourite - Aged Classic Vegan Cheese, 125g
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