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Mornflake - Original Heart Healthy Oatbran, 800g

Mornflake - Original Heart Healthy Oatbran, 800g

Brand - Mornflake
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Quick Description

Introducing Mornflake’s Heart Healthy Oatbran, a protein-packed oat bran that contains fewer calories than regular oatmeal! It’s also delicious!

Key Information 

  • 100% oat bran
  • More protein than oatmeal
  • Source of manganese, zinc, folate & biotin
  • Fewer calories than regular oatmeal

Product Overview 

Mornflake’s Original Heart Healthy Oatbran is the cooler cousin of oatmeal that your heart secretly desires. It contains fewer calories and provides even more protein and fibre than oatmeal!

Mornflake Heart Healthy Oatbran can make tasty overnight oats or a creamy porridge that will set you up for the day. It can thicken your smoothie and offers a healthier gluten-free ingredient to add to pancakes, muffins, nut roast, and other baking.

Wondering where this superior form of oatmeal has been all your life? Closer than you may realise! Oatbran comes from the outer part of the oat plant that surrounds the part used for regular oatmeal.


100% oatbran

Frequently Asked Questions

How does oat bran differ from oatmeal?

Oatbran is a better source of soluble fibre and contains more protein than oatmeal.  All this and it still makes a warming creamy porridge!

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Mornflake - Original Heart Healthy Oatbran, 800g
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