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Moo Free - White Raspberry Truffles, 108g

Moo Free - White Raspberry Truffles, 108g

Brand - Moo Free
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Quick Description

Moo Free makes its boxes of decadent White Chocolate coated Raspberry Truffles with a twist - they're completely free from dairy, gluten and even soya!

Key Information

  • Dairy-free white truffles with a raspberry flavoured centre
  • Free from gluten and soy
  • 9 heart-shaped truffles in every box
  • Great for gifting or enjoying on your own

Product Overview

Bring home a box of Moo Free’s White Raspberry Truffles to tell someone you care about them! They’re deliciously indulgent white chocolate truffles with a delectable raspberry centre. They come in a beautifully decorated box, so gifting these is as easy as adding them to the cart and checking out!

Are they just for gifting? Of course, not. Open up a box of these heart-shaped truffles while you’re entertaining guests. They’re great for dinner parties! Everyone can enjoy these raspberry-filled truffles while playing some board games or while watching tv with a glass of wine.

But they’re not just for one occasion. Moo Free’s White Raspberry Truffles are perfect for any kind of celebration! You can even enjoy them all to yourself, we won’t judge you.


Cocoa shell (75%): Sugar, cocoa butter, rice flour, coconut oil, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), flavouring (vanilla). Minimum cocoa content 32%.
Raspberry centre (25%): Coconut oil, raspberry concentrate (17%), sorbitol, raspberry flavour.
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Coconut)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific way I should store Moo Free’s White Raspberry Truffles?

Though they’re dairy-free, they’re still chocolates! And chocolates tend to melt in warm temperatures. So just keep them away from direct heat and store them in a cool and dry place.

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Moo Free - White Raspberry Truffles, 108g
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