Minor Figures - Oat Milk Bag in Box, 10L


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Minor Figures - Oat Milk Bag in Box, 10L

Minor Figures - Oat Milk Bag in Box, 10L

Brand - Minor Figures
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Quick Description

Minor Figures Oat Milk Bag in Box, 10L – a sustainable and creamy alternative. Perfect for cafes and eco-conscious individuals. Enjoy dairy-free goodness! 

Key Information

  • Large Cost-Effective Quantity
  • Minor Figures is a well-known brand in the plant-based beverage market.
  • Use for Commercial or Large Volume Households
  • Subtle Sweet Flavour
  • Sustainable
  • Free from Artificial Additves

Product Overview

Minor Figures' Oat Milk Bag in Box, available in a convenient 10L size, is a game-changer for those seeking a plant-based milk alternative. Crafted with care, this oat milk boasts a rich, creamy texture and a subtly sweet flavour that complements a variety of beverages, from coffee to cereal. The Bag in Box packaging ensures freshness and easy dispensing, making it a practical choice for both home and commercial use. What sets Minor Figures apart is their commitment to quality and sustainability.

This oat milk is vegan-friendly and free from artificial additives, and the brand emphasizes eco-conscious practices. With Minor Figures' Oat Milk, you're not just getting a tasty dairy substitute – you're supporting a brand that values transparency, flavour, and the planet. Elevate your plant-based journey with this versatile and eco-friendly oat milk option.


Water OATS (10% ) low erucic acid rapeseed oil minerals (tricalcium phosphate calcium carbonate salt

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