Meridian Foods - Shoyu Soya Sauce, 500ml

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Meridian Foods - Shoyu Soya Sauce, 500ml

Brand - Meridian Foods
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Quick Description

Meridian Foods Shoyu is a traditionally-brewed Soya Sauce that’s made from whole soya beans. This essential seasoning is rich and full-bodied.

Key Information

  • Traditionally-Brewed Soya Sauce
  • Made from Whole Soya Beans
  • For Seasoning and Marinades
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Palm Oil-Free

Product Overview

Every home needs a good bottle of Soya Sauce. It’s such a versatile seasoning that’s not limited to cooking with Eastern cuisine.

Meridian Foods gives us their Shoyu Soya Sauce, a seasoning made with whole soya beans. This soy sauce has been traditionally brewed and contains no artificial preservatives or colourings.

Shoyu is a broad term that describes Japanese-style Soya Sauce. Shoyu is commonly made with fermented soybeans. Meridian Foods uses a Koji to ferment their Soya Sauce. This Koji mould is also known as Aspergillus Oryzae.

Koji Soy Sauce is known to have a mild taste but rich umami flavour. This can simply be used as a dipping sauce or seasoning. The umami flavours of Shoyu Soya Sauce will also be a welcome addition to marinades, stir-fries, and stews.


Water, Soya Beans (16%), Wheat, Salt, Alcohol, Koji (Aspergillus Oryzae).

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s so great about Meridian Foods Shoyu Soya Sauce?

Meridian Foods Shoyu Soya Sauce is a Japanese-style Soya Sauce. It’s made with soy and wheat. In comparison, Chinese soy sauce is usually made completely out of soy. That results in Shoyu having a lighter, more umami, and somehow slightly sweeter taste than Chinese soy sauce, which is just plain salty.