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Meridian Foods - Organic Unrefined Sesame Oil, 500ml

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Quick Description

Organic, says me! Meridian Foods makes a Sesame Oil that’s organic and has been naturally extracted. It gives great flavour to a variety of recipes, try it out!

Key Information

  • Organic sesame oil
  • Unrefined and Naturally-Extracted
  • Distinct and delicate flavour
  • Use on its own or for cooking
  • Gluten-free

Product Overview

Sesame Oil is a cooking treasure. Once you find it, use it, and taste it, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using this all along.

Meridian Foods’ Organic and Unrefined Sesame Oil brings a distinct flavour to fresh or cooked dishes. Being an unrefined oil that has been naturally extracted using the cold press method, the flavours are more delicate and natural.

Like most oils, you can definitely use Unrefined Sesame Oil as a cooking ingredient. It can also be used to accompany pasta or dress salads.

Organic and Unrefined Sesame Oil brings great flavour. It goes very well with savoury dishes. Most often, sesame oil is used as a dipping sauce ingredient. Why stop there? You can bring the flavour into the main ingredient itself by making a wonderfully delicious marinade with sesame oil!


Organic Sesame Oil (100%).

Frequently Asked Questions

I got a bottle of Meridian Foods Organic and Unrefined Sesame Oil that appears to be a bit cloudy. Is that ok?

When kept at low temperatures, the sesame oil may appear to be cloudy. This is normal and the oil is still good. Don’t worry! However, it’s best that you keep this bottle of sesame oil in a cool and dark place.

Client Reviews

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Meridian Foods - Organic Unrefined Sesame Oil, 500ml
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