Meridian Foods - Organic Smooth Almond Butter 100% Nuts Multiple Sizes

Meridian Foods - Organic Smooth Almond Butter 100% Nuts Multiple Sizes

Brand - Meridian Foods
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Quick Description

Spread this naturally delicious Almond Butter from Meridian Foods over your morning toast. Full of natural vitamins, protein and fibre - it is guaranteed to leave you full of energy!

Key Information

  • Delicious Vegan-Friendly Nut Butter
  • Naturally Gluten-Free
  • 100% pure roasted almonds
  • Great source of protein and fibre!
  • Certified Palm Oil Free by POFCAP
  • Comes in different sizes as well as salted and unsalted varieties

Product Overview

A great way to start the day! This deliciously smooth almond butter is the perfect thing to spread over a delicious crusty slice of wholemeal toast or a crumpet.

Packed full of vitamin E and a great natural source of protein and fibre, this is a sure-fire way to get that extra boost of energy that you need to see you through the day.

Made with 100% whole skin roasted almonds, you’re guaranteed to not be losing out on all of that nutritional goodness.

Almonds are perhaps the holy grail of all nuts. High in calories, extremely filling and rich in natural fats - a single 30g serving of this delicious nut butter contains 8g of protein plus 16g of healthy fats. Almond butter would make a great pre or post-workout snack especially if you’re looking to build or maintain your muscles!

Why not even try incorporating a spoonful of almond butter into a delicious breakfast smoothie? Simply whizz with some oats, fruit and nut milk and voilà!

Coming in different sizes as well as salted and unsalted varieties, Meridian Foods are guaranteed to have the thing for you.


Roasted Almonds Whole Skin (100%). Produce of more than one country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so important to avoid using palm oil?

The farming and production of palm oil (used in many spreads) have a negative impact on the environment and contributes to deforestation. That’s why Meridian Foods have decided to cut it out from all of their products!

One of the reasons that we love Meridian Foods here at PlantX is that they are committed to providing customers with the very best products without having a negative impact on the environment.