Mergulo - Cashew Nut-But*er, 200g Assorted Flavours

Mergulo - Cashew Nut-But*er, 200g Assorted Flavours

Brand - Mergulo
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Quick Description

Creamy and ever so dreamy, the Mergulo Cashew Nut-Butter is what vegan wishes are made of. Transform your dish with three kinds of butter: OG, salted and herby!

Key Information

  • Made from Natural and Gluten-Free Ingredients
  • 100% Plastic-Free, Sustainable Packaging
  • Vegan and Palm Oil-Free
  • Free from Artificial Preservatives, Flavourings and Colourings
  • Comes in Three Flavours: Original, Dark Salt and Garlic & Herb

Product Overview

Cooking just got a whole lot better thanks to Mergulo’s Cashew Nut-But*er. Sweet, savoury and even herby, this nut-butter adds a whole new rich, creamy dimension to plant-based butter.

Made from 100% natural ingredients and free from artificial additives, it’s time to get nutty!

Butter is an absolute staple and it’s time that we vegans had better options. By combining coconut oil with cashew nuts, you get the smooth coconut texture that is complemented perfectly by the indulgent creaminess from the cashews. What’s even better is that it all comes in packaging that’s completely plastic-free and sustainable!

Fry, bake, cook or spread, no matter your desires, Mergulo has got you covered. Coming in three delicious flavours, you might just want to try them all!

Original Cashew Nut-Butter, 200g

The OG Cashew Nut-Butter. This one’s perfect for spreading on toast, buns, baked goods and plenty more! Add it to sauces or pancakes, this butter is great for anything you can think of!

Dark Salt Cashew Nut-Butter, 200g

Who doesn’t love salted butter? It tastes so great spread on toasts or your favourite baked goodies. Chuck a chunk on top of veggies, pasta and everything that could do with a splash of salt and creamy goodness.

Garlic & Herb Cashew Nut-Butter, 200g

Garlic and herb with a delectable creamy rich element. Can you think of any better base? Stir into savoury dishes, use as a base for cooking or simply enjoy it spread on toast and bread.


Original Cashew Nut-Butter, 200g
Coconut Oil, Cashew Nuts (25%), Vegetable Oil, Chickpeas, Water, Salt, Natural Concentrate (carrot and pumpkin), Citric Acid

Dark Salt Cashew Nut-Butter, 200g
Coconut Oil, Cashew Nuts (25%), Yeast Extract, Salt, Water, (Niacin, Thiamin, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12), Vegetable Oil, Chickpeas, Water, Salt, Natural Concentrate (Carrot & Pumpkin) and Citric Acid.

Garlic & Herb Cashew Nut-Butter, 200g
Coconut Oil, Cashew Nuts (25%), Garlic Oil, Chickpeas, Water, Salt, Chives, Natural Concentrate (Carrot & Pumpkin), Citric Acid and Parsley.

Contains cashews. Produced in a facility that processes cashews and handles soya and garlic products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Story Behind Mergulo?

Mergulo’s founder, Mairi Hilleary, is a trained Ballymaloe chef who has been working in the catering industry for many years. As the years went by, she saw the massive rise in plant-based diets and realised there was a huge lack of plant-based butter that didn’t contain nasty fillers and cheap ingredients.

Knowing that butter is absolutely essential in cooking, Mairi created her own that was just as delicious and rich as normal dairy butter. With that, Mergulo was birthed to provide vegans with the perfect butter that’s also sustainable!