Marigold - Vegan Tunah In Oil, 170g

Marigold - Vegan Tunah In Oil, 170g

Brand - Marigold Health Foods
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Quick Description

Marigold’s Vegan Tunah in Oil is a different take on surf and turf. It takes earthy soya beans and gives it flavours of the sea - serve this however you like!

Key Information

  • Vegan Tunah in safflower oil
  • Nutritious tuna alternative
  • Made with soybean protein
  • A great ingredient for many recipes
  • Serve either hot or cold

Product Overview

There are so many things you can make with Marigold’s Vegan Tunah! Just like its canned counterpart, you can simply pluck the Tunah out from the can and use it straight away or even cook with it.

What can you make with Vegan Tunah? Garnish a fresh salad with it, make a great Tunah sandwich, or even serve with sundried tomatoes, green beans and potatoes to make a great rustic meal.

Of course, some flavours are brought out when cooked. Pasta is always a go-to and some hot Vegan Tunah on a bed of rice is always delicious.

By using natural ingredients, you have the option to kick your recipes up a notch or dress them down without having to worry about something being raw or uncooked.


Soybean protein, wheat, onion, safflower oil, sugar, sea salt, paprika.
Allergy advice: See ingredients in bold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat Marigold’s Vegan Tunah In Oil straight away?

Yes, you can! This Vegan Tunah mimics that specific capability of regular tuna quite well. You can eat this straight away without heating it up or cooking with it.