Maldon Salt- Sea Salt, 1.4kg

Maldon Salt- Sea Salt, 1.4kg

Brand - Maldon Salt
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Quick Description

Maldon Sea Salt: Pure flakes harvested with care. Elevate your dishes with this 1.4kg catering-sized treasure. Culinary perfection in every sprinkle!

Key Information

  • Maldon Sea Salt is named after the town of Maldon in Essex, England, where it has been harvested since 1882.
  • Known for its pure, white, and flaky crystals, Maldon Sea Salt is hand-harvested using traditional methods.
  • The salt is derived from the Blackwater Estuary and is evaporated using natural wind and sun, giving it a distinctive taste.
  • The pyramid-shaped crystals have a unique texture that adds a satisfying crunch to dishes.
  • Widely used in both cooking and finishing, Maldon Sea Salt enhances the natural flavours of a variety of dishes.
  • The 1.4kg catering size packaging is suitable for professional kitchens, catering services, or for avid home cooks who use salt frequently

Product Overview

Maldon Sea Salt is a culinary gem renowned for its exceptional quality and unique pyramid-shaped crystals. Harvested in the coastal town of Maldon, Essex, England, this salt has been produced by the same family-run business for over a century. The 1.4kg catering size pack is perfect for professional kitchens, ensuring a steady supply of this premium salt for chefs and cooks.
What sets Maldon Sea Salt apart is its traditional artisanal production method. The seawater is carefully evaporated to create the delicate, flaky crystals that melt in your mouth, enhancing the flavour of dishes without overpowering them. Its pure, clean taste makes it a favourite among top chefs and home cooks alike.
The large catering size is convenient for high-demand environments, offering easy access to this gourmet salt for seasoning and finishing a wide variety of dishes. Whether sprinkled over a fresh salad, grilled meat, or chocolate desserts, Maldon Sea Salt adds a touch of sophistication and a burst of natural flavour. Elevate your culinary creations with the timeless quality of Maldon Sea Salt, a pantry essential for those who appreciate the art of fine dining.


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