LoofCo - Loofah Root Vegetable Scrubber

LoofCo - Loofah Root Vegetable Scrubber

Brand - LoofCo
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Quick Description

Washing veg needs more than just running water. Get in there and scrub the dirt and mud away with the help of LoofCo’s Root Vegetable Scrubber!

Key Information

  • Durable Root Vegetable Scrubber
  • Gently cleans produce
  • Leaves less mess than regular brushes
  • Made from the biodegradable and compostable loofah plant
  • Hand or machine wash

Product Overview

A Root Vegetable Scrubber from LoofCo is just one of those tools of the trade. Once you have one, you’ll wonder how you even went so long without one. If you’re one to grow your own vegetables in your garden, this is a must-have. Simple and straightforward, you can use LoofCo’s Loofah Root Vegetable Scrubber to thoroughly clean freshly-harvested, muddy vegetables.

Even if you get your produce from the supermarket, it’s always best to give them a good wash before cooking or eating. Thanks to the completely biodegradable and compostable loofah fibres, you can get into cleaning dirt out the little crevices those veggies might have with ease!



Frequently Asked Questions

My Loofah Root Vegetable Scrubber from LoofCo seems rough. What should I do?

If it feels rough, it’s probably dry. Simply run your scrubber under running water. It will become soft, spongy and flexible - perfect for lifting off soil and debris from the wet skin of root vegetables. After use, rinse, squeeze out excess water, shake off any food particles and hang up to dry. It will feel rough again once dry and this will keep it nice and fresh between uses, helping it to last longer!