LoofCo - Loofa Kitchen Cloth, 2-Pack

LoofCo - Loofa Kitchen Cloth, 2-Pack

Brand - LoofCo
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Quick Description

Ditch the synthetic microfibre cloths and single-use paper towels - go the green route by opting to use these absorbent Kitchen Cloths made by LoofCo!

Key Information

  • 2 pieces of reusable kitchen cloth
  • Sustainable, unbleached cotton
  • Absorbent, soft and biodegradable material
  • Made for cleaning and wiping surfaces
  • For replacing single-use paper towels

Product Overview

Wipe surfaces to a squeaky clean shine with LoofCo’s Kitchen Cloths! They’re made with sustainable, unbleached Egyptian cotton terry towelling that’s soft to the touch. These cloths are reusable, absorbent and machine-washable, too!

Once you’re done using them, just rinse clean and squeeze out any excess liquids from the cloths. LoofCo’s Kitchen Cloths have a cotton loop that’s handy for drying them out.

You get two kitchen cloths with every pack. So, you can have a fresh one ready to use while the other’s still in the laundry. You can’t keep those spills waiting!


Egyptian Cotton

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use LoofCo’s Kitchen Cloths together with cleaning products?

Yes, of course! You can use them with soaps, cleaners or simply just with water. You can also use the cloths wet for wiping surfaces or dry for absorbing spills.