Lizi's Granola - Low Sugar Maple & Pecan Multiple Sizes

Lizi's Granola - Low Sugar Maple & Pecan Multiple Sizes

Brand - Lizi's Granola
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Quick Description

Made with toasted oats, nuts, seeds & sweet maple syrup, Lizi’s Granola Low Sugar Maple & Pecan is fibre-rich, flavourful & seriously delicious! 

Key Information

  • Low Sugar Granola with a Sweet & Nutty Flavour 
  • Made with Pecans, Almonds, Toasted Oats, Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds & Maple Syrup
  • High in Fibre for Healthy Digestion
  • Glycaemic Load Tested (GL 2.9 per 50g serving)
  • 3.6g of Sugar per 100g

Product Overview

Searching for a low-sugar way to start the day? It’s not easy! Many breakfast cereals contain far more sugar than you would expect, with regular granola being one of the worst offenders!

Introducing Lizi’s Low Sugar Maple & Pecan Granola. This deliciously sweet-tasting and nutty granola has been specially designed to be low in sugar and will not cause that disruptive blood sugar spike and crash. 

Because of Lizi’s thoughtful use of inulin-rich chicory & GL testing, every 50g serving of this clever cereal contains just 1.3g sugar and a glycaemic load of just 2.9! 

Made with toasted oats, almonds, pecans, seeds, coconut and the finest maple syrup, Lizi’s Granola is high in gut-boosting fibre and other essential nutrients. 

Proven to keep you fuller for longer, this carefully crafted granola is a fantastic choice for the most important meal of the day! 

Enjoy Lizi’s Low Sugar Maple & Pecan Granola with your favourite plant milk or dairy-free yoghurt, along with chopped banana and blueberries. 


Wholegrain oat flakes (63%), rapeseed oil, nuts (9%) [pecan nuts, almond pieces, walnut pieces], seeds (6%) [sunflower, pumpkin], desiccated coconut, chicory fibre, maple syrup (1.5%), fructose, natural flavouring, sea salt, black treacle.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does it mean that Lizi’s Low Sugar Maple & Pecan Granola is GL tested?

GL stands for Glycaemic Load. This is a measure that considers the amount of carbohydrate in a portion of food, as well as how quickly it raises blood sugar levels. Lizi’s Granola has been tested to measure the size of the Glycaemic Load that one portion will deliver. 

A low GL is classed as below 10, 11-19 is medium, and anything above 20 is high. Doctors advise keeping your daily GL under 100.