Linwoods - Organic Active Walnuts, 70g

Linwoods - Organic Active Walnuts, 70g - front
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Linwoods - Organic Active Walnuts, 70g

Brand - Linwoods
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Quick Description

High-quality Organic Active Walnuts, crafted by Linwoods with care & precision for the most delicious flavour & irresistible crunch.

Key Information

  • 100% organic walnut snack
  • No additives, preservatives or salt
  • A rich source of plant protein & vitamin E
  • Soaked & slow-dried
  • Gluten-free

Product Overview

Are you sick and tired of stale, soggy and low-quality nuts holding back your breakfast game? So are we. That’s why Linwoods Organic Active Walnuts are a great addition to your pantry. Free from additives, sugars and salts, they are 100% organic walnuts and 100% delicious.

Linwoods Organic Active Walnuts are all about flavour and texture. The walnuts they use are first soaked to remove any bitterness, then slow-dried over a long period of time. This maximises their crunchy texture, all the while retaining that delicious walnut flavour.

Walnuts themselves are a great addition to any diet, being a plant-powered protein. Moreover, walnuts are loaded up with antioxidants and healthy fats, meaning they’re a vegan-friendly source of essential Omega-3s.


Organic Walnuts
Allergens: Nuts

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are walnuts keto-friendly?

Yes, walnuts are keto-friendly. They’re a high-fat nut that makes for a great addition to a well-balanced diet and lifestyle. In fact, walnuts like those in Linwoods Organic Active Walnuts can be used in many delicious keto-friendly recipes, such as keto pesto.