Le Paludier - Celtic Sea Salt

Le Paludier - Celtic Sea Salt

Brand - Le Paludier
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Quick Description

Season your food with the hand-harvested, unrefined Celtic Sea Salt. With living enzymes and packed with minerals, it’s some of the best nature has to offer.

Key Information

  • Hand-harvested from the salt marshes of Guerande using wooden rakes
  • Unrefined and unprocessed - free of pollutants from mechanical and chemical processes
  • Sun and air-dried in clay ponds
  • Contains living enzymes, minerals and trace elements
  • Gluten-Free and organic

Product Overview

Salt is an essential component of any dish. However, finding unrefined salt that’s high in minerals is harder to come by. This soft, flaky and slightly damp to the touch salt is the perfect addition to all of your dishes.

The benefits of Celtic sea salt all come from the way it’s harvested. The true art of labour, all of Le Paludier’s salt is completely hand-harvested. Unrefined and unprocessed, the salt is left to evaporate in clay ponds by sun and wind. 

Large wooden rakes are used for collection. This ensures all the goodness and living enzymes are kept intact. Through the mixing of ocean currents and natural processes, this salt also contains a high percentage of minerals and trace elements. Now, how about that for au naturel!

Because of its high mineral content, the salt is slightly moist to the touch. It will retain its moisture even when stored in a dry, cool place. When storing fine salt, try adding rice grains to help absorb the excess moisture. It’ll help with clumping, too!

Celtic Sea Salt Coarse - 1kg bag

Coarse sea salt. A great addition to puddings such as salted caramel or cookies. Each crystal slowly dissolves and creates a salty burst of flavour. Add to salt grinders or simply break up between your fingers when adding to food. 

Celtic Sea Salt Fine - 1kg bag, 500g bag

This Fine Celtic Sea Salt is finely ground for your convenience. Still contains all of the health benefits and nutrients as coarse salt. Perfect for adding to marinades, sauces and table dishes.

Celtic Sea Salt Fine - 250g shaker 

Packaged for your convenience and ease, the shaker pot is perfect for everyday use. Just store in a cool place and it’s good to go! The best table salt companion.


100% Sea Salt.

Why does it have a grey hue?

All natural sea salts are slightly grey in colour. When harvested from clay-lined pools, the clay saturates the salt with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. There are also plenty of other bioavailable minerals and trace elements.