LA Brewery - Kombucha, 300ml Assorted Flavours

LA Brewery - Kombucha Strawberry & Black Pepper, 300ml
LA Brewery - Kombucha Strawberry & Black Pepper, 300ml - back
LA Brewery - Kombucha, 300ml | Assorted Flavours - PlantX UK
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LA Brewery - Kombucha, 300ml Assorted Flavours

Brand - LA Brewery
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Quick Description

Handcrafted in Suffolk, L.A Brewery Kombucha is authentically brewed to create a naturally low-sugar living tea bursting with beneficial probiotics.

Key Information

  • Artisanal Kombucha, Available in Ginger and Strawberry & Black Pepper Varieties
  • Hand-Brewed in Small Batches in Suffolk
  • Naturally Effervescent
  • Bursting with Good Bacteria
  • Non-Alcoholic, Gluten-Free & Vegan-Friendly

Product Overview

Passionate about beautiful botanical flavours and plant-powered goodness, L.A Brewery brews its artisanal kombucha in small batches in Suffolk. This ensures that every batch is of the highest quality and has that potent and pure home-brewed style.

L.A Brewery Kombucha is naturally effervescent. It is low in sugar and packed with beneficial probiotics from the live bacteria. Unlike many kombucha brands, L.A Brewery Kombucha is non-alcoholic. It makes a delicious any-time refresher in place of sugary fizzy drinks or juice.

This refined kombucha can also be enjoyed in cocktails to add some probiotic power!

Choose from two exquisite botanical flavours.

Ginger Kombucha

This fresh and fiery kombucha is made with zingy ginger juice and a refreshing twist of zesty lemon. Deliciously tart and tangy, Ginger Kombucha is the perfect fizzy pick-me-up whenever you’re in need of some extra effervescence.
Try this vibrant living tea in a plant-powered take on a Moscow Mule - you won’t regret it!

Strawberry & Black Pepper Kombucha

Sweet, fruity and subtle, this unique kombucha combines fresh strawberry juice with delicately spiced black peppercorns. A real taste bud tingler, the finish is warm, refreshing and tangy. Try garnishing your kombucha with some fresh strawberries and a sprig of mint to complete that artisanal refinement.


Ginger Kombucha: Filtered water, Green Tea, Black Tea, Organic Sugar (GB-ORG-05), Kombucha Cultures, Ginger Juice (2%), Lemon Juice.

Strawberry & Black Pepper Kombucha: Filtered water, Green Tea, Black Tea, Organic Sugar (GB-ORG-05), Kombucha Cultures, Strawberry Juice, Black Pepper Infusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind L.A Brewery Kombucha?

L.A Brewery was founded in Suffolk by Louise Avery. Louise wanted to combine her passion for foraging amazing natural ingredients with her dedication to crafting beautiful botanically-flavoured drinks.

Louise began experimenting with the perfect recipe in her own kitchen, and L.A Brewery Kombucha was born.

Today, every L.A Brewery Kombucha variety still has Louise’s signature stamp of plant-powered goodness and complex and unique flavour profiles.