Koko - Dairy Free Cheddar Cheese Alternative, 200g

Koko Dairy Free - Dairy Free Cheddar Cheese Alternative, 200g
Koko Dairy Free - Dairy Free Cheddar Cheese Alternative, 200g - back
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Koko - Dairy Free Cheddar Cheese Alternative, 200g

Brand - Koko
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Quick Description

It’s yellow. It’s mellow. It’s Koko’s Dairy-Free Cheddar Cheese Alternative! There are tons of cheesy recipes you can make with this deliciously mellow cheese.

Key Information

  • Perfect replacement for dairy-made cheese
  • Delicious on its own and can even be used for cooking
  • Mature and mellow cheese alternative
  • Contains D2 and B12 vitamins
  • With added calcium

Product Overview

Life without cheese is something we can’t even begin to imagine. Think of all the pizza, pasta, and grilled cheeses! Thank goodness there are tasty cheese alternatives like Koko’s Dairy Free Cheddar Cheese.

We know now that Koko Cheddar Cheese Alternative is dairy-free. It’s also soya-free! Even with these exceptions, Koko still makes a great tasting cheese. The taste is mellow and not sharp at all.

This Cheddar Cheese Alternative has added calcium as well as Vitamin D2 and B12. These all combined may help your body absorb calcium and even help your body keep its blood and nerve cells healthy.

Treat Koko’s Dairy-Free Cheddar Cheese like you would any other cheese. That’s actually the best part! Slice and have it in a tasty sandwich. Dice some up and have some snacking cheese!

If you’re in the mood for something richer and savoury, use this to make mac and cheese, antipasti, and any other cheesy creation you can think of.


Water, stabiliser (modified potato starches), coconut oil (21%), coconut cream (8%), salt, humectant (vegetable glycerine), calcium phosphates, maltodextrin, colour (carrot concentrate), natural flavouring, preservatives (acetic acid, lactic acid), yeast extract, dextrose, vitamin d2, vitamin b12.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cook with Kokos’ Dairy-Free Cheddar Cheese Alternative?

You absolutely can! Slice and dice it like you would any other cheese. Some of our favourite recipes that use this cheese alternative quite well include cheesy leek and walnut linguine and cheesy bean French toast. You can also go outside the box and make wonderful cheesy cabbage rolls or even a veggie tart.