Koko - Coconut Milk, 330ml

Koko Cuisine - Coconut Milk, 330ml
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Koko - Coconut Milk, 330ml

Brand - Koko
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Quick Description

Does your dish need a little creamy, rich depth? You’re probably missing some Koko Cuisine’s Coconut Milk! Made from 100% pure plant goodness. Buy at PlantX!

Key Information

  • Unsweetened and Naturally Low In Sugar
  • Free From Gluten, Nuts, GMOs And Soya
  • Vegan Goodness
  • Contains Zero Artificial Flavours, Colours And Preservatives
  • Comes In A Recyclable And Resealable Bottle

Product Overview

You’re about to get nutty over Koko Cuisine’s Coconut Milk! Made from freshly hand-picked coconuts from Asia, this rich and full-bodied coconut milk will elevate your palette and transform your dishes!

Don’t settle for less than fresh. With Koko cuisine, you’re guaranteed to be consuming only the freshest coconuts. All of their coconuts are hand-harvested and packed within hours of being picked. Fresh, ripe and only the highest quality coconuts are used in their products.

Worried about artificial nasties? Never fear. Koko Cuisine’s Coconut Milk is completely free from artificial additives and GMO-free. It’s the perfect gluten-free coconut milk vegan dreams are made from.

A true staple in Asian, Caribbean and African cuisine, this rich and creamy coconut milk will transform your curries, stews, soups, sauces and rice. Feeling a little experimental? It’s also a great base to create desserts and creamy ice creams! Try it now, thank us later ;)


Water, Coconut Extract (25%), Emulsifier (Sucrose Esters of Fatty Acids), Thickener (Gellan Gum).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coconut Milk Good For You?

Coconut milk is a good source of vitamins and minerals. It’s high in manganese and contains selenium, copper and selenium. Some research suggests that coconut milk can help benefit weight loss and metabolism, as well as improve heart health. Tasty and nutritious!