Karma Kombucha - Organic Raspberry Kombucha, 500ml

Karma Kombucha - Organic Raspberry Kombucha, 500ml
Karma Kombucha - Organic Raspberry Kombucha, 500ml - back
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Karma Kombucha - Organic Raspberry Kombucha, 500ml

Brand - Karma Kombucha
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Quick Description

Karma Kombucha’s naturally sparkling Kombucha will brighten up your day. Organic and raw with live cultures, this beverage is the best of plant-based nutrition.

Key Information

  • Organic and raw ingredients
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Low in sugar and low in calories
  • Naturally sparkling
  • Fairtrade

Product Overview

Every sip of Karma Kombucha’s Organic Raspberry Kombucha will leave you feeling totally refreshed and revitalised to take on the day. This sparkling beverage has a light and subtly sweet flavour from the Brazilian golden cane sugar and organic raspberry extract.

Made from Chun Mee Green Tea from the Hubei region in China, this Kombucha is an all-natural and authentic beverage packed with goodness. With live Kombucha cultures, it is an excellent source of antioxidants and probiotics to promote a healthy gut.

Around 99.1% of this Kombucha’s ingredients are produced through Fairtrade, benefitting both your body, the planet and the farmers curating this delicious drink. Made from organic, raw and clean ingredients, as well as being low in sugar, you can still satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising on health.


Chun Mee Green Tea*, Filtered Water, Brazil Golden Sugar Cane*, Kombucha Culture*, Raspberry Infusion*, Raspberry Extract*, Organic Raspberry Flavour*. *Organic Ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Fairtrade important?

It is important to shop products with the Fairtrade label as farmers deserve their rights to be protected and supported as they work hard to create high-quality food for all to enjoy. Their dedication to sustainable farming practices that ensure a positive future for the planet are recognised and compensated for fairly under Fairtrade.