Just Wholefoods - Organic & Vegan Pancake Mix, 185g

Just Wholefoods - Organic & Vegan Pancake Mix, 185g

Brand - Just Wholefoods
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Quick Description

A gorgeous vessel for all sorts of extra ingredients and toppings, Just Wholefoods’ Organic & Vegan Pancake Mix give you a tasty, light and fluffy breakfast. 

Key Information

  • Vegan-friendly pancake mix
  • Made using organic ingredients
  • Free from gluten and dairy
  • Great source of fibre
  • Makes 8 delicious pancakes

Product Overview

Breakfast just got better thanks to Just Wholefoods’ Organic & Vegan Pancake Mix. This simple, gluten and dairy-free pancake mix yields delicious, pillowy pancakes that will only make your day better. 

Made with natural, organic ingredients, this pancake mix is also a fantastic source of fibre. So you won’t just be having an utterly scrumptious breakfast, but a nutritious one as well. Truly a win-win situation! Feel free to add in fruit or vegan chocolate chips to create unique and interesting flavour combos that will delight and satisfy you.

Just Wholefoods’ Organic & Vegan Pancake Mix makes 8 wonderful, fluffy pancakes for you to enjoy.

How to Make:

  1. Pour Just Wholefoods’ Organic & Vegan Pancake Mix into a bowl and add 350ml of plant-based milk. Whisk until you get a nice, smooth batter and leave it to sit for five minutes.
  2. Use sunflower oil or vegan spread to grease your frying pan then set it on high heat. 
  3. Once the pan is hot, reduce the heat a little and add a tablespoon of pancake batter into the pan.
  4. Once those bubbles start appearing on the surfaces of the pancake it’s time to flip it over. Allow it to cook until golden. Remove the pancake, regrease the pan and do it again!
  5. Serve your delicious pancakes with your favourite toppings and enjoy.


Gluten-Free Oat Flour*, Brown Rice Flour*, Coconut Blossom Sugar*, Gluten-Free Baking Powder*.
*Certified Organic Ingredient.
Allergens: Oat, Tree Nuts (Coconut)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Just Wholefoods all about?

Just Wholefoods has been creating delicious, high-quality, plant-based foods since 1989. Using the best possible, organic ingredients, these products are made not simply to be helpful alternatives, but to be food that everyone can enjoy. 

There’s absolutely no reason why everyone shouldn’t enjoy Just Wholefoods’ Organic & Vegan Pancake Mix. No compromises, just delicious, healthy and nutritious grub for everyone.