Jack & Jill - Fairy Floss Picks, 30 Units

Jack & Jill - Fairy Floss Picks, 30 Units
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Jack & Jill - Fairy Floss Picks, 30 Units

Brand - Jack & Jill
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Quick Description

Jack & Jill - Fairy Floss Picks make flossing fun for kids while promoting good oral hygiene.

Key Information

  • Individually Wrapped
  • Plastic-Freem Compostable Handles, made of cornstarch
  • Free from BPA, PVC and phthalates.
  • Child-Friendly Design: Brightly coloured dental floss picks are specifically designed to appeal to children. They often come in vibrant, playful colours and feature kid-friendly designs or characters to make flossing more enjoyable for young users.
  • Fun and Attractive: The colourful and visually appealing design of these floss picks can help motivate children to develop good oral hygiene habits. The engaging appearance can turn flossing into a more enjoyable activity, reducing resistance from kids.
  • Easy to Use: Floss picks are typically easier for children to use than traditional floss. They consist of a small, plastic handle with a piece of floss threaded through, making it more convenient for kids to navigate and reach between their teeth.
  • Encourages Independence: Brightly coloured dental floss picks empower children to floss their own teeth independently, promoting self-sufficiency in their oral care routine. This can be particularly useful for parents and caregivers.
  • Recyclable floss with slides easily between the teeth and a giraffe-shaped handle in a variety of fun colours.

Product Overview

Jack & Jill - Fairy Floss Picks for children are a fun and effective way to encourage good oral hygiene habits from an early age. These dental floss picks are specifically designed with children in mind, featuring vibrant and attractive colours that appeal to kids. The colourful appearance helps make the oral care routine more engaging and less intimidating for young ones, making them more likely to embrace regular flossing.

These floss picks are typically smaller in size to fit comfortably in children's hands and mouths, ensuring ease of use. The floss is made from a gentle, yet durable material that slides between teeth to remove food particles and plaque without causing discomfort or irritation. Many of these products also come in flavours that appeal to children, such as fruit or bubblegum, making the experience more enjoyable.

Using brightly coloured dental floss picks for children not only helps keep their teeth clean and healthy but also teaches them valuable habits that can last a lifetime. These products make flossing an enjoyable part of their daily routine, setting a positive foundation for long-term dental health.


Handle made from Corn. Thread made from PE & Nylon

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should Children Floss?

Flossing is an important part of good oral hygiene for people of all ages, including children. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that children should start flossing once their teeth start to touch, which typically occurs around the age of 2 to 6. Here are some general guidelines for children and flossing:

Start early

Supervise young children

Floss daily

Teach proper technique

Lead by example

Adult supervision is recommended under age 10