If You Care - Unbleached Waxed Paper, 23m

If You Care - Unbleached Waxed Paper, 23m

Brand - If You Care
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Quick Description

Perfect for wrapping food in, ] If You Care’s Unbleached Waxed Paper is completely biodegradable, free from nasty chemicals and coated in carnauba wax!

Key information

  • Unbleached paper waxed with 100% natural carnauba wax
  • Great for wrapping packed lunches and picnic food
  • Chlorine and paraffin-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Made with sustainable materials

Product overview

Waxed paper is a very useful item to keep with the rest of your kitchen cooking and baking supplies at home. Handy for wrapping food in to make it last longer, this paper from If You Care is a great alternative to aluminium foil or plasticky cling film.

This 100% natural paper is unbleached and not treated with horrible chemicals such as chlorine or paraffin. Only the finest natural materials will do for your packed lunches!

Made with respect for the planet, If You Care’s Unbleached Waxed Paper is made from sustainable paper and 100% natural carnauba wax. This way, you won’t get anything strange leaking into your food like you can from other wrapping materials.

It’s so natural that it’s even biodegradable! You can chuck this paper into the compost bin and it will decompose along with your vegetable peelings and soil, leaving nothing toxic behind.


Unbleached paper and 100% carnauba wax
Allergens: None

Frequently asked questions

Why is Chlorine-Free good?

If a product is free from chlorine, it means that the item runs no risk of adding harmful chlorine to the waterways and therefore damaging delicate eco-systems. Lots of products that include chlorine leak this harmful chemical while they are decomposing. That’s why this Unbleached Waxed Paper by If You Care is the Perfect alternative!