Higher Nature - Visual Eyes, 90 Capsules

Higher Nature - Visual Eyes, 90 Capsules
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Higher Nature - Visual Eyes, 90 Capsules

Brand - Higher Nature
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Quick Description

Restore & replenish your eyesight with Higher Nature’s vegan-friendly supplement Visual Eyes, specifically designed to help maintain normal eye health.

Key Information

  • Vegan-friendly health supplement, 
  • Designed to support eye health
  • An enhanced formula featuring 10 active ingredients
  • Supercharged with nutrients that contribute to normal vision
  • Ideal for those struggling with eye strain & extended screen time
  • Plant-powered by bilberry

Product Overview

Higher Nature presents Visual Eyes, a vegan-friendly supplement that is designed to assist with the maintenance of healthy eyes and vision. With a unique formula of essential vitamins and nutrients, these supplements are a great way of incorporating eye care into your daily wellness routine.

In our era of extended screen time, our eyes undergo a lot of strain. That’s why Higher Nature Visual Eyes capsules are loaded with DHA vitamins A, B2, and zinc to contqribute to healthy vision. Simply incorporate these supplements into your daily wellness routine and give your eyes some much-needed TLC.

Visual Eyes by Higher Nature are naturally vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Packed to the brim with B-vitamins and bilberry, a berry long used for eye care, they are a natural solution to some of the struggles of digital life. Simply take 1-2 capsules a day alongside a well-balanced diet and exercise.


Lutein Complex (5%), Zeaxanthin Complex (5%), Vitamin C, Bilberry Standardised Extract (25% Anthocyanidins), Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, Zinc, Vitamin A, Tomato

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are bilberries?

Bilberries are a berry found growing mainly in Europe. Very similar to blueberries, bilberries have long been used in herbal and folk medicine to help with eye health. They are also high in anthocyanidins, which are known to have excellent health benefits and properties.