Higher Living - Organic Digest Delight Tea, 15 Bags Pack of 4

Higher Living - Organic Digest Delight Tea, 15 Bags Pack of 4

Brand - Higher Living
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Quick Description

Enjoy a cup of Higher Living Digest Delight Tea in the morning! It oozes deliciously minty and fruity flavours that are super satisfying to the palate.

Key Information

  • 15 tea bags per pack
  • Plastic-free
  • Caffeine-free
  • Tea bags are unbleached and compostable

Product Overview

Imagine this: a nice cup of warm tea in your hands and a plate of croissants and jam for breakfast – does it get any better than that? Experience the perfect breakfast with Higher Living Digest Delight Tea! 

Higher Living Digest Delight Tea is made from a fine selection of orange peels, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, liquorice root, lemon peel, and chamomile. Each cup boasts a delicate combination of zesty, minty, and fruity flavours that’ll tickle your taste buds.

It’s best served with a plate of pastries, toast, or pancakes for a delectable breakfast! There’s no better way to amp up your mornings from ordinary to spectacular.

Even better, it’s 100% plastic-free, caffeine-free, and with unbleached and compostable tea bags.


Orange Peel, Liquorice Root, Peppermint (12%), Cinnamon, Ginger (8%), Spearmint, Chamomile, Lemon Peel, Basil (3%), Thyme, Pepper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink Higher Living Digest Delight Tea if I’m sensitive to caffeine?

You sure can! Higher Living Digest Delight Tea is 100% caffeine-free – a perfect drink for people with caffeine intolerance and sensitivity. It’s a great substitute for regular tea or coffee to kickstart your morning. So say goodbye to palpitations and restlessness – Higher Living is the best morning drink that’s 100% guilt-free.