Hambleden - Organic Peppermint Tea Bags, 20 Bags

Hambleden - Organic Peppermint Tea Bags, 20 Bags

Brand - Hambleden
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Quick Description

A refreshing herbal infusion crafted with organic peppermint leaves for a revitalising tea experience.

Key Information

  • Crafted with organic peppermint leaves
  • Refreshing and revitalising herbal infusion
  • Convenient tea bags for easy brewing
  • Ethically sourced and organically produced
  • Naturally caffeine-free for anytime enjoyment
  • Packaged in biodegradable tea bags
  • Ideal for soothing digestion or as a refreshing pick-me-up
  • Enjoy the invigorating taste and aroma of peppermint tea with ease.

Product Overview

Hambleden Organic Peppermint Tea Bags offer a revitalising and invigorating herbal infusion crafted with the finest organic peppermint leaves. Each tea bag is carefully filled with premium-quality peppermint, ensuring a refreshing and aromatic experience with every sip.

These convenient tea bags make brewing a breeze, allowing you to enjoy the soothing and digestive benefits of peppermint tea effortlessly. Whether you're winding down after a meal or seeking a refreshing pick-me-up throughout the day, Hambleden Organic Peppermint Tea Bags provide a delightful solution.

Sourced ethically and organically, these tea bags reflect a commitment to sustainability and quality, giving you peace of mind with every cup. Furthermore, the biodegradable nature of the tea bags ensures minimal environmental impact, aligning with eco-conscious practices.

Naturally caffeine-free, this herbal infusion is suitable for anytime enjoyment, making it a versatile addition to your tea collection. Delight in the invigorating taste and aroma of peppermint tea with Hambleden's Organic Peppermint Tea Bags, designed to elevate your tea-drinking experience with its refreshing qualities and natural goodness.


Organic Peppermint leaves.