Green Cuisine - Mulled Cider Pouchettes in Triangle Box, 60g

Green Cuisine - Mulled Cider Pouchettes in Triangle Box, 60g

Brand - Green Cuisine
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Quick Description

Green Cuisine's Mulled Cider Pouchettes: Cozy blend in a convenient triangle box, 60g of warmth and spice. Sip, savour, and embrace the season!

Key Information

  • Convenience: Pouchettes for easy use and preparation
  • Includes a blend of spices, dried fruits, and cider flavouring
  • Usage: Ideal for making mulled cider quickly and conveniently
  • Portability: Compact packaging for on-the-go or travel
  • Seasonal Appeal: Mulled cider flavour suggests a seasonal or festive offering

Product Overview

Green Cuisine's Mulled Cider Pouchettes are a delightful blend of convenience and flavour. Encased in a charming triangle box, each pouchette contains 60g of carefully curated ingredients that transform into a warm and aromatic mulled cider. The pouchettes are a perfect solution for those craving a cosy beverage without the hassle of measuring spices and fruit.
Inside, you'll find a harmonious mix of spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, expertly combined to infuse your cider with a rich and comforting taste. The carefully portioned pouchettes make it easy to achieve the perfect balance of flavours every time.
Whether you're hosting a gathering or simply want to treat yourself to a soothing drink on a chilly evening, Green Cuisine's Mulled Cider Pouchettes are a convenient and delicious choice. Just open the triangle box, drop in a pouchette, and let the aromatic blend create a sensory experience that captures the essence of the season. Cheers to effortless indulgence and the warmth of spiced cider!


Cinnamon, lemon peel, cloves and allspice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Cider Is Best For Making Mulled Cider?

For mulled cider, we'd recommend using a good quality, unfiltered apple cider. It has a rich flavour that can stand up well to the spices and aromatics you'll be adding. Look for something with a nice balance of sweet and tart. Enjoy your Green Cuisine adventure!