Golden Greens Organic - Organic Spirulina Powder Multiple Sizes

Golden Greens Organic - Organic Spirulina Powder Multiple Sizes

Brand - Golden Greens Organic
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Quick Description

This Spirulina Powder by Golden Greens Organic is a perfect dietary supplement. It will keep you sharp when you need it most, providing a rich source of iron. 

Key Information

  • Easy to use Spirulina powder
  • Source of iron
  • Organic

Product Overview

Looking for a nutritional powder to easily supplement your vegan diet? Golden Greens Organic’s Organic Spirulina Powder is rich in organic iron and can be added to your everyday meals.

Spirulina is cultivated from blue-green algae called cyanobacteria. It has been consumed since ancient times including by the Aztecs and Mesopotamians. Rich in essential nutrients, including protein, B vitamins iron and manganese, it’s currently being researched by the United Nations as a possible solution to world hunger. 

Adding this superfood to your diet cannot be simpler with Golden Green’s Organic’s Organic Spirulina Powder! Add it to water to consume in its purest form, stir it into drinks or smoothies for a healthy kick, or mix it into your favourite bakes to give them a nutritious twist. The possibilities are endless. 


100% Certified Organic Spirulina powder,
Allergens: May contain naturally occurring sulphites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important for vegans to get enough iron?

Although the dangers of a lack of iron from a vegan diet are often overblown, it is important to stay aware of iron consumption when eating vegan. Meat eaters tend to get their iron from meat, and so when we are abstaining from animal products, things like Golden Greens Organic Organic Spirulina Powder can become lifelines. 

Iron deficiency can lead to health problems, so it’s best to be avoided. If you think you may be deficient in iron, consult your doctor.