Geo Organics - Organic Tasty Tadka Dahl, 400g

Geo Organics - Organic Tasty Tadka Dahl, 400g
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Geo Organics - Organic Tasty Tadka Dahl, 400g

Brand - Geo Organics
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Quick Description

Simple yet sensational in flavour, this Organic Tasty Tadka Dahl is a failsafe yummy lunch, camping lifesaver or foundation for a more complex curry.

Key information

  • Yellow split peas cooked with garlic, coriander, chilli, ginger and turmeric
  • Made from organic ingredients
  • High in protein and low in sugar
  • A great quality instant meal
  • Convenient and nutritious

Product overview

Love Indian food? Luckily you can have a glorious taste of India through this high-quality pre-prepared instant meal from Geo Organics! An Indian classic, Tadka Dahl is simple yet satisfies the belly and the tastebuds.

Protein-rich yellow split peas are cooked with onion, chopped tomato, red peppers, and an aromatic blend of classic Indian spices to achieve this divine Dahl.

Entirely plant-based, this canned grocery is convenient, quick to prepare, packed with protein, and low in sugar. Fast food doesn’t have to mean unhealthy! Quite the opposite:

this can of Organic Tasty Tadka Dahl from Geo Organics is made with simple, whole, organic ingredients with no chemical nasties.


Water, yellow split peas*, onion*, chopped tomato*, red peppers*, sunflower oil*, ginger puree*, ground garlic*, sea salt, coriander leaf*, chilli powder*, turmeric*. *organically produced
Allergens: May contain traces of nuts

Frequently asked questions

What do you eat Organic Tasty Tadka Dahl with?

You can eat this Tadka Dhal on its own or with some simple steamed rice or warm vegan naan bread. You may also like a dollop of plant-based yoghurt and some mango chutney alongside!