Fry's - Beef Style Thick Cut Chunky Strips, 380g


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Fry's - Beef Style Thick Cut Chunky Strips, 380g

Brand - Fry's
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Quick Description

Marvelous meatless alternative to beef strips, Fry’s Beef Style Thick Cut Chunky Strips will never have you craving the real thing. They’re truly delicious!

Key Information

  • Wonderfully versatile plant-based chunky strips
  • Great beefy flavour with none of the guilt
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • Amazing source of protein
  • Totally kosher

Product Overview

Finding alternatives to meaty ingredients that actually taste like the real thing is not the easiest thing in the world. More often than not you are forced to compromise taste or texture. Well, Fry’s may have captured lightning in a bottle with their Beef Style Thick Cut Chunky Strips.

Replace animal-based protein with great plant-based protein by enjoying these beef-style strips. Whether you stick them in a stir-fry, add them to a curry, or marinate them and make them into delicious fajitas you will not be disappointed. That’s the best part really, how versatile they are, as well as being kosher and non-GMO.

Simply fry them up in the pan with some oil for 6-8 minutes and you will be able to make your favourite dishes vegetarian.


Vegetable protein (17%) (soy, wheat (gluten)), vegetable oil (sunflower seed), flavourings (onion, pepper, maize starch, anti-caking agent (e551, e460i), savory flavour), potato starch, modified starch, ground coriander, thickener (methyl cellulose), salt smoke flavour, mustard, colorant: caramel iv

Frequently Asked Questions

If it’s not meat, then what is it?

Since so many people enjoy the taste of meat yet decide not to eat it for health, moral or environmental reasons it was important to create an alternative that preserved the flavour that so many love but with plant-based ingredients.

Using the natural goodness of vegetable proteins, legumes and grains and some great spices to mimic the taste of meat, Fry’s create products that make it easier to go plant-based and not miss your favourite flavours.